Specialists in Steam Engineering & Design

Experts in Steam Boilers

Thorne International Boiler Services LTD (TIBS) are one of the leading full-service industrial steam boiler organisations in the United Kingdom. As well as expert design, professional installation and reliable maintenance, we supply a wide range of steam boilers and hot water plants, their related ancillary equipment and high-quality spare parts.

Whether you require a conversion of your current system or a brand-new industrial hot water plant or industrial steam boiler, our experienced supply team are here to help. With over 50 years in the industry, we have an extensive network of trusted suppliers, as well as our own in-house team of engineers and products. TIBS will always supply the best available technology to suit your project requirements and budget.

Our expert team of designers are also able to design bespoke systems and parts wherever required. Whether you need a specialist part for reconditioning your existing industrial hot water or steam plant or need a customised steam boiler designed for the requirements of your industry, we are experienced at providing unique solutions, systems and parts when necessary.

Cannon Bono UK Agents

Thorne International Boiler Services are the only UK agents for Cannon Bono Energia, a steam boiler manufacturer in Milan, Italy. That means we supply a variety of boiler types and output ranges direct from the factory should your system require it.

Satisfied Clients

Excellent company to work with, thoroughly professional and on hand to help whenever requested.


Specialised in supply

Water-tube Package Boilers

D-type, A-type and O-type package boilers. These can be supplied with superheaters and economisers.

Fire-tube Package Boilers

Fire-tube boilers for all fuels and steam pressures. These can be supplied with superheaters and economisers.

Coil Boilers

Coil boilers for all steam pressures. These can be supplied with economisers.

Thermal Oil Heaters

Thermal oil heaters in horizontal or vertical orientation.

Field Erected Boilers (designed to order)

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of field erected boilers.

Reconditioned/Second-hand Boilers

Second-hand boilers fully reconditioned, tested, inspected and dispatched with test certificate.TIBS offer site installation and commissioning for all boilers.

Spare Parts

TIBS supply and install all the spare parts required for the maintenance of industrial hot water or steam boiler plants. If your requirements are not listed below, please contact TIBS offices.

Headers and boiler steam/water drums

Oval/Square hand hole caps for headers (different sizes in stock)

Boiler Tubes

Superheaters/replacement elements

Economisers/replacement elements

Boiler feed-water pumps

Blowdown/Flash/Expansion vessels

Deaerators/Hot-well tanks

Steam accumulators

Grate castings

Steam locomotive spares including: superheater elements, flue tubes, long ball ends, short ball ends, ball end seating washers, bridge clamps, element support bands, skid bars etc


Step By Step


TIBS pride ourselves on our steam engineering knowledge and skill. Our team includes mechanical engineers, C&I engineers, coded welders and accredited fitters. Our combined specialist expertise means that we can consult on all types of projects, whether assessing the potential for cost savings at existing sites or larger EPC projects.


Over 50 years in the industry has given TIBS an extensive trusted network of suppliers and contractors alongside our in house team of engineers and range of products. Whether supplied in house or via our network, TIBS will provide the best available technology to suit project specification and budget.


Industrial boilers require specialist skills to install. Our fully accredited team will ensure that your chosen steam or hot water boiler will be installed on time, on budget and to an exceptionally high standard. TIBS specialist project engineers and installation teams can minimise your downtime, preventing costly process interruptions.


Boilers are often one of the most critical pieces of site equipment. For annual and unplanned maintenance, TIBS will make sure that your plant continues to operate safely and efficiently. Our engineers are on hand with the right spares and tools for emergency repairs, planned maintenance and annual insurance inspections.