Waste heat piggyback / hybrid boiler

Project Overview

Bespoke piggyback / hybrid waste heat boiler designed, manufactured, and supplied by Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd. in 2012 and 2015 as two phases to a UK energy from waste project.

Two boiler streams supplied comprising of water-walled radiant chamber, shell / firetube boiler, steam drum, economiser, and superheater.

Boiler designed in accordance with BS EN 2790 with associated NoBo design and manufacturing appraisal.

Boiler supplied with boiler trim including valves, instruments, controls, and platforms.

Supplied by Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd. including installation, commissioning, and testing.

Boiler Details
Boiler type
Hybrid / piggyback
Waste heat
33,000 kg/h
Operating pressure
45.0 barg
Superheat temperature
400.0 °C
Design code
BS 2790
Year of manufacture
2012 / 2015
Energy from waste
Scope of supply

Boiler shell [2-nos]
Steam drum [2-nos]
Radiant chamber [2-nos]
Economiser [2-nos]
Superheater [2-nos]
Boiler controls [2-nos]
Access platforms
Piping systems

Project Overview