Indirect steam dump condenser

Project Overview

New bespoke indirect steam dump condenser designed, manufactured, and supplied by Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd. in 2020 to a UK energy from waste project as part of large turnkey integration project.

Designed to condense steam from expander / generators at 0.25 barg / 106°C to 85°C for recycling and reuse within the steam system.

System consisted of heat exchanger system for heat transfer between steam / condensate and glycol circuit using air blast coolers for cooling of the glycol circuit.

Automatic fan speed control for glycol temperature control on varying loads and climate conditions.

Included bypass system with associated steam pressure control system to allow for bypass and continued operation in the event of a trip.

Complete piping design, supply, and installation including valves, steel, hangers / clamps.

Supplied by Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd. turnkey to client including installation, commissioning, and testing.

Boiler Details
11,000 kg/h
Operating pressure
0.25 barg
Operating temperature
106.0 °C
Design code [piping]
BS EN 13480
Year of manufacture
Energy from waste
Scope of supply

Heat exchangers
Air blast coolers
Expansion vessel
Piping & valves
Bypass system

Project Overview