Project Overview

New bespoke air-to-air heat exchanger designed, manufactured, and supplied by Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd. in 2022 to a UK based biomass plant as part of an upgrade project.

Air heater designed to receive flue gas at 400°C from an existing upstream wood-fired combustor and discharge flue gas at 200°C into existing gas treatment plant, whilst preheating undergrate combustion air.

Air heater designed in accordance with TIBS standards.

3D scan of area completed to ensure successful integration into available space and flue gas ducting connection.

Supplied together with cyclone with flue gas ducting integration into existing ducting system, structural supporting steelwork, ID fan, and access platforms.

Supplied by Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd. including installation, commissioning, and testing.

Boiler Details
Duty [flue gas]
59,040 kg/h
Operating temperature
400 / 200 °C
Year of manufacture
Scope of supply

Air heater
ID fan
Supporting steel
Access platforms
Flue gas ducting
Ash discharge valve
Integration into plant

Project Overview