Superheater 2023

Project Overview

New bespoke in-duct finned-tube superheater, designed, manufactured, and supplied by Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd. in 2023 to an overseas chemical plant as part of power generating project.

Design temperature of 570°C considered to allow for transient and worst-case plant conditions.

Designed to receive clean flue gas at 467°C and saturated steam at 212.4°C, producing superheated steam at 275°C at a duty / flowrate of 17,000 kg/h.

Superheater designed in accordance with BS EN 12952 / PED, including NoBo design and manufacturing appraisal.

Supplied with stainless steel casing including internal insulation and carbon steel supporting structure.

Supplied by Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd. DAP to client.

Boiler Details
17,000 kg/h
Operating pressure
20.0 bara
Superheat temperature
275.0 °C
Design code
BS EN 12952
Year of manufacture
Scope of supply

Insulation / cladding
Expansion joint
External piping

Project Overview