New Boilers (Watertube & Shell)
TIBS can supply new or reconditioned boilers tailored to suit the steam pressure,steam output & type of firing required by specific sites. Boilers supplied range from packaged shell or watertube units,through to special design,field erected watertube boilers.

All boilers can be supplied ex-works,FOB or with complete site installation & commissioning.

 Watertube package boilers
TIBS can supply,install & commission watertube package boilers to suit specific steam requirements.TIBS range includes "D"type, "A"type & "O"type package boilers.All boilers can be supplied with superheaters,economisers & deaerators in addition to the standard boiler/burner packages. Most types of firing can be catered for.Fuel types requiring larger furnaces,such as bagasse, would be better suited to TIBS field erected boilers. TIBS can offer performance figures for all boilers supplied.

 Shell package boilers
TIBS can supply,install & commission a full range of shell package boilers to suit specific site requirements. TIBS can offer a full choice of burners,mountings & ancillary equipment matched to the boiler & end clients needs. Special requirements such as superheaters can be incorporated into the overall boiler package & can be fully backed with performance guarantees.

Watertube package boiler

Shell package boiler

Field erected boiler
 Field erected boilers designed to order
If site requirements or specific fuel types dictate a field erected boiler,TIBS have a proven track record in the design,supply,installation & commissioning of this boiler type. A full design & feasibility study would be undertaken as part of this service & the boiler supplied would be specific to the requirements of the site. As with TIBS package boilers,all ancillary equipment can be supplied to suit the needs of the client.
 Reconditioned or second-hand boilers
When budgets are an overriding factor,it is not always feasible to supply new boilers to suit the budget without a compromise in steam output or pressure. With this in mind TIBS can offer second-hand package boilers that have been fully reconditioned,tested,inspected & certified prior to despatch.This service is available on a world-wide basis for packaged shell & watertube boilers. As with all new boilers TIBS offer a full installation & commissioning service for any boiler supplied. Each boiler package can be tailored to suit the end clients needs; for instance reconditioned boilers can be supplied with a variable degree of new ancillary equipment such as burners,valves,insulation,cladding,controls & instrumentation.